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Silver Press Chronograph Results!

We recently did a video review of the Silver Press Wax Bullet Loader sold by the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.  It was our belief that that the press would provide faster and consistent times since the bullets could be loaded deeper into the casing all at the same depth.  Our conclusions, proved to be correct.  See the chronograph results of 25 bullets pressed in using the Silver Press compared to 25 bullets pressed in by hand flush with the top of the casing. 

Chronograph Results


9mm Pocket Pistol Review!

Click on the Banner Below for a 9mm Pocket Pistol Review!

9mm Review

DoubleTap Derringer .45ACP

DoubleTap broke ties with Heizer Defense, LLC last year before the DoubleTap Derringer chambered for the .45ACP could be produced.  Now a new manufacturer has Alumin Unported Lt 1 copybeen selected.  The DoubleTap .45ACP is expected to ship at the end of March 2013 to distributors.  It will also be chambered for the 9mm with a simple switch of the barrel.  The pistol holds two rounds in the over and under barrel system while two more rounds can be stored in the grip.  What really makes the gun unique is how thin it is.  At .665" it is now doubt the thinnest .45ACP pistol on the market.  It is the lightest .45ACP on the market as well weighing in at 12 ounces in aluminum and 14 ounces in titanium.  The barrel is 3" long and is constructed of stainless steel.  The pistol is 5.5" long and 3.9" tall.  The derringer also has a ported barrel option which is a good idea given the expected recoil.  The trigger fires one round at a time and is double action only.  For a closer look click this link:  DoubleTap Video

Ruger Mark III Standard: A Tradition of Excellence!

In an earlier post about this review, I noted that the Ruger Mark III was the Savior of the Second Amendment. I have learned over the years that people who desire gun control generally have veryRuger Mark III little contact with firearms as adults or while they were young. They have never been squirrel hunting with their father on a brisk, cold morning. Most have never shot a gun or even touched one. Much of the American population live in urban areas where there are no gun clubs, ranges, or hunting areas. They only see and read what is publized in the media. Introducing our children to the joy of firearms is the only way to assure that the next generation is proactive in protecting the Second Amendment. The Ruger Mark III as well as other rim fired pistols and rifles meet the bill to introduce children to all types of gun sports. As my daughter put it, “Shooting the Ruger Mark III is fun.” Once  children are properly introduced to the world of firearms, they will become advocates on their own. The NRA has realized this for years. This is why they offer so many sports for young shooters. 

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Taurus TCP .380 ACP: A Sweet Trigger!

TCP Feature Review Video

TCP Range Review Video

Taurus is a Brazilian firearm manufacturer known particularly for its revolvers. However, it makes many different pistol models as well. Taurus first introduced its new PT-738 TCP .380 Pocket Pistol in 2009. This little pistol is the first firearm that Taurus has manufactured in the United States. Chambered for the .380 ACP round, it has reasonable stopping power with some of the newer rounds on today’s market.DSCN02281-1024x768 The TCP semi-automatic operates by use of a hammer fired locked breech system. This weapon is double action only. It has a polymer frame with a steel insert. The slide is blued on the test model. The slide also comes in stainless steel or titanium. The titanium slide comes at an additional price with minimal weight savings.

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S&W Bodyguard .380ACP: With You at All Times!

Feature Review Video

Range Review Video

S&W introduced the Bodyguard .380 on January 19, 2010, along with the Bodyguard .380 Revolver. The inital suggested retail price for the .380 was $575.00. In justifying this price, S&W included a built in laser, manual safety, and slide which locks back on an empty magazine. S&W has now reduced the suggested retail of the Bodyguard to $399.00. This price reduction may indicate a saturation of .380s on the market. This is particularly true given that more manufacturers are offering pocket 9mms. Our test gun was purchased at a local dealer for $347.67, tax included. This new, lower price makes the Bodyguard an excellent value in the .380 ACP Pocket Pistol market.

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S&W Model 638-CT: The Orginial Bodyguard

S&W Model 638 Video Review

The original Bodyguard was first introduced in 1955 by Smith & Wesson with an all steel J frame.  It was blued with small woodenSW638CT checkered grips to optimize concealment. It is now dubbed the Model 638 and has gone through several model name changes since being introduced including the Model 38 & 49.  Smith & Wesson now uses the "Bodyguard" name for its new poylmer revolver with built in laser.  A firearm that has been produced since 1955 must have something going for it.  With all the new pocket pistols on the market today, the Model 638 is often overlooked.  However, it should be one of the first considerations when looking for a concealed carry firearm.  It offers many benefits that has made it stay in production for 57 years.  The 638 retails for around $526.00 with the Crimson Trace Laser Grips.

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